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The connection of the waterproof connector to the cable
puerter electric / 2017-03-25
Most people think that waterproof connectors and cables should not be much relationship? This is hard to say, it depends on what kind of circumstances, the use of different products, including metal fixed head and so on are to see the situation. When we install the cable, we often have to take into account its life, how to protect its use is very important, because the cable is directly out of the road, so the outer layer must be something to protect is particularly important. To our experience, to analyze what may be available, but not as a technical article, for reference only. First, the cable has a few or more lines, and finally the first wire to separate with a separate adhesive tape around a circle, preferably two laps. And then use the professional mica belt around the two layers, to ensure its compactness.
    Install the cable waterproof connector with a tape wrapped around two layers to ensure that the binding is strong. Environmental protection with a little bit of epoxy resin or other surface treatment, before use to ensure that has been dry, and finally, in the storm outside the outer layer of heat shrink tube, you can.

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