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Three common problems with waterproof connectors
puerter electric / 2017-03-25

Electrical performance issues:
1, 1 contact Yin engage in large
2, 2 open
3, 3 angle INT
4, 4 short circuit
Problem Analysis:
Case 1-3:
   These three kinds of phenomena are similar, but the degree is different, causing such phenomena is usually due to the following aspects: 1, design issues 2, terminal deformation (including transport and process), 3, terminal shrapnel in the stamping when there is cracks. These are the most common problems in waterproof connectors, but also customers are most concerned about.
Case 4:
  For short circuit problems, some manufacturers to high pressure (500V) way to intercept the defective products in the factory, causing the problem: 1, design problems, 2, terminal deformation. This problem is easier to fix.
Second mechanical performance problems:
1, insertion force NG (after initial value / life test)
2, back PIN (with the retention force related)
3, plastic rupture (process / product testing)
Problem Analysis:
1, most of the situation with the design. The initial insertion force NG is easier to solve. Life test after the insertion and tear force NG If the customer requirements are high, this problem is more difficult to solve.
2, with the design of the amount of interference and plastic material.
3, with the product design / into the plastic point / plastic material.
Three client application issues
1, can not be on the board
2, poor welding
Problem Analysis:
Case 1:
1) Product foot rain NG
2) Customer Layout size is inconsistent with our picture recommendation
The second case (refueling, false welding, welding)
1, plating problems caused by welding
2, the oxidation of the coating caused by welding
3, the plating layer pollution resistance welding
4, coplanarity caused by false welding

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