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Purte Electric Technology (Wenzhou) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of cable connectors and waterproof junction boxes. It was born in Liushi Town, the "Capital of Electrical Appliances in China", and is a professional modern enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and sales. Focusing on shaping the PULTE brand, with excellent technical performance and efficient quality assurance, satisfactory and thoughtful sales services, and reasonable and affordable prices, its various technical indicators and product performance are ahead of its peers, widely used in various fields such as junction boxes, distribution cabinets, communication equipment, instruments and meters, medical equipment, machine tools and machinery; Continuously innovating, researching and developing new products…….

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What is the function of cable fixing head?

The cable fixing head is a sealing sleeve for wires and cables, which is also a suitable power source for connecting cables and can protect cables, so it will not escape. Cable sea···

What are the requirements for the installation of sealing rings?

The cable entry device of explosion-proof equipment may experience excessive gaps and fail to explode due to the following situations:1. The inner diameter of the sealing ring is g···

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